One-Shot: Rensou Mode by Okada Haruki


Rensou Mode:

Nicknamed “The Prude,” Aizome Maiko is a misunderstood girl who actually has explicit fantasies. When a boy with a delinquent’s face, Yajima Keisuke, ruins her dream romantic encounter, she forces him into slavery by getting him to carry out her ridiculous plan to get with the man of her dreams. What has “The Prude” have in store for Yajima and will her ridiculous plan succeed?

Hey everyone! We present to you – Rensou Mode by Okada Haruki! The title has a double meaning of Love Mode or Delusional Mode so we’ll be going with that, it makes sense once you’ve read it. This project was delayed since I was in Japan for a wee bit but I guess that’s for the best not to rush anything. Please note that this story has some violent language and sexual themes!

I haven’t properly edited for 2 years so this is a real brush up for me(I got really lazy in some places…), I also had a new helper to aid the editing process and she is credited as AnKxXx! I made the call to skip a lot of SFX redraws since I was lazy(once again…). We did translate all of them though, so some pages might look a bit messy with the English next to them. I also kind of used this one-shot as my experiment with Topaz when pre-cleaning so there might be inconsistencies in image quality. There is a blurry quality on some sides of the pages due to the fact that I’m unable to scan that part properly because the magazine is extremely thick and I do not practice de-binding any of my books. Continue reading


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Natsu no Kakera Anthology by Amano Shinobu: Koi no Kakera/Fragments of Love


It’s time for the next part of the anthology, Koi no Kakera! Yes, it wasn’t released on the ‘expected date’ as seen on our project progress bar, so for all future releases you guys should probably just use it as a rough outline. This is my favourite story in the anthology while it was Arawr’s least favourite. The last one-shot in the anthology will not be released soon, so heads up.

Our next release will be Rensou Mode by Okada Haruki and it’s a lot different than a lot of other stuff we have released. Rensou Mode is a huge improvement in every category from art to story-telling for Okada Haruki and we hope you look forward to it when it’s out!

Koi no Kakera/Fragments of Love:

What was initially sheer admiration for the club president, Kondo, spurred Konno into joining the Home Economics Club. Little did she know that these feelings of admiration would eventually grow into something bigger and she decides to knit him a scarf as an expression for her feelings. However, life is hard when the target of her affections is the harshest handicraft critic around. Would a scarf knitted with the her fragments of her emotions be enough to convey her feelings?

Continue reading


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Natsu no Kakera Anthology by Amano Shinobu : Yuki no Kakera


Hello, I think this is a much proper re-launch release for our group. The response for the Natsu no Kakera anthology has been overwhelming since day 1 and we’re pleased to present you the 3rd installment – Yuki no Kakera/Fragments of Snow after being defunct for so long. This one-shot at first glance seems kind of ‘normal‘ and it’s not 100% happy, but it is touchingly soft. Amano Shinobu’s narration and thought processes are her strength and I think this one-shot demonstrates that. Arawr even noted that this is her favourite one-shot so far in the anthology. It’s nice to have the Weekend Betsuender finishing things we started. Also, I’ll slowly re-post selected works by our group in the past. I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologise for that as well since many of you have taken the time to leave comments but they didn’t see the light of day.

This story is actually part of the same universe of the next one-shot by Amano Shinobu. They’re still pretty much one-shots since you don’t really need to read one over another to understand what’s going on. However, as soon as you read the last line of this story, you’ll understand the connection between the two, bringing more significance other than the fact that they’re in the same universe.

The second part of the series is called Koi no Kakera/Fragments of Love.

Yuki no Kakera/Fragments of Snow:

Aya usually has the library to herself after school – that is, until she witnesses an incident that leads to her discovery of Tono’s feelings for her fellow librarian, Konno. The three end up spending time together, and Aya finds it odd that she can’t stop watching them. As winter goes on, the snow falls and builds up like the fragments of Tono’s emotions – fragments that slowly find their way into Aya’s heart. Continue reading


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Much Overdue Black Bard Preview by Sazanami Ichiya



I’m going to keep this short. This is Chungky here, re-launching Weekend Betsuender. This Black Bard Preview from the first issue of Comic Gene has been sitting in my laptop for about 2 years now, including chapter 1 & 2 back then. We’ve actually completed it very earlier on, but as some of you might know, life doesn’t always follow the direction we want it to. Yes, that’s pretty crazy, but here I am, making up for horribly lost time! The awesome news is that Black Bard is licensed and to be released in an omnibus volume by One Pearce Books which will be released this fall. When that time comes, I will retire this work unless they don’t include it in the English version; or I’ll probably remove it regardless or whatever. Take note, this release does not mean we are working on this project in the future at all. It has been licensed and it’s part of the projects that we’ve dropped from the last time this group was active.

However, this is our group’s relaunch and we also hope to have some amazing collaborations and we hope it’ll be a more pleasant experience this time round, exclusively working on short stories along with our ‘take our time’ pace. I’ve removed all previous posts with releases and I’m still debating on which to be re-posted. Continue reading

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One-Shot: Android Dilemma by Otokawa Akari

Oh look, we meet again. I was slaving away just now trying to get this one-shot out. I’m not sure how people to find this one-shot. It’s only 16 pages but it had a huge impact on me. The setting is beautiful, the art is pretty and the narrative a piece of literature to me. It’s sad but optimistic, deep with emotion. I cried bucket loads. Arawr told me it didn’t move her inner depths of emotional at all, she can’t think straight. Thank you to Sylphalchemist for her translation & QC, Ta-Chan for pre-cleaning, Arawr for helping with the script. Thank you to the Betsuender team for working on this. Okay, Academy Award speech over, now onto the links. Continue reading


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One-Shot: Binbou-gami Irimasen ka? by RATS

Voila! A short but sweet one-shot by a new manga-ka on Comic Sylph! Lots of love to Sylphachemist for sharing this lovely one-shot! This project was pioneered by Sylphalchemist and we worked together to let more of you witness the awesome-ness that is Comic Sylph! Do visit Sylphalchemist’s blog for more fresh Comic Sylph goodness where she posts summaries, other snippets of serialisations as well as other goodies found on the monthly magazine!  We hope you enjoy this one-shot as much as we did and that you too, will be converted to be a Comic Sylph fan! Continue reading


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One-Shot~ Natsu no Kakera Anthology : Aki-Iro Kimi-Iro

Woo! After 10 million years of Q-Cing we can finally release this chapter. I was literally having a debate with Arawr for 10 minutes on whether we should use ‘it’ or ‘when’ in single sentence then had to re-upload everything. Talk about anal. If you guys ever spot anything wrong, pleassse just lie and say you didn’ttttt.

Here is the sypnosis:

“Kanako had always dreamed of falling in love; and when she finally does, things don’t exactly go according to plan. Ihara is cold, aloof and rude – but despite that, she is relentless and refuses to give up. Vibrantly coloured by all the moments they had together, it was the autumn their lives changed forever.”

This is actually the 5th story in the Natsu no Kakera Anthology. We didn’t follow any chronological order since they’re one-shots anyway. This would actually be great for an autumn release since it has autumn in its name & theme but before I realised that we already started work on it. My bad. This story shares many similarities with Natsu no Kakera.

Please do not upload this anywhere else, you are, however, welcome to link back to our site & post. Continue reading


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One-Shot~ Natsu no Kakera/Fragments of Summer

After several weeks(or months?), ever since I first announced the Weekend Betsuender scanlation project, we now present to you a one-shot – Natsu no Kakera/Fragments of Summer by Amano Shinobu.


“When Miyuki goes off to the countryside to visit her grandfather in the hospital, she accidentally enters Madoka’s room instead. Although she finds him rude at first, they end up seeing each other every day and get closer. But Miyuki only has a limited amount of time in the countryside. As the summer passes, how will things turn out for them?”

A HUGE thanks to everyone who cheered us on while we were still working on this one-shot. On behalf of the Weekend Betsuender team, we hope you enjoy the Fragments of Summer~


**UPDATED: I’ve just re-uploaded a 3rd version which I hope is Flawless. The 2nd version which most of you have downloaded does not differ that much, I  would say 3-5% difference? Sorry!

Big thank you to Emysan!!! Thank you helping us prett-ify the story with the beautiful coloured pages!

We’d like to thank the Shiro Nabi scanlation team for allowing us to use their Online Reader.

Please do not upload our releases onto any public manga aggregation site. If you would like to read any of our releases online, they will be available on Shiro Nabi’s online reader 🙂 Much thanks. For more information about our group policy, click here.

If you experience any problems or if you have any other comments/queries please leave a comment.

p.s i love you team!



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